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WOW!!! The Video Contest IS START

With the continuous development of society and the increasing prevalence of the internet, we also have to face the growing number of bullying incidents, which bring us a lot of sorrow and harm.

From school bullying to verbal bullying, and then to cyberbullying, these all have had serious impacts on the growth and life of children and teenagers, including academic and psychological impacts such as depression, loneliness, and anxiety, which may even lead to mental illness or suicide in extreme cases. Therefore, we need to work together to change this world and society, and prevent bullying incidents from harming everyone around us.

In 2023, JCI Bandar Klang and Majlis Belia Daerah Klang are teaming up to launch the Buddy Not Buddy 60-second short video contest, aimed at conveying anti-bullying messages through innovation and creativity. We welcome you, your family, and friends to participate in the contest and upload your works to our website, so that more people can learn about and pay attention to this important topic. Our goal is to maintain social health and create a beautiful and harmonious society.

At the same time, we have prepared a generous prize pool worth up to *RM10,500.00* for the winners, so that more people can participate in this meaningful event. Remember, #peacebeginswithasmile

For more information, please visit

Registration form:

Contact persons: Jany 0177971988 Patrick 0126532052

Contest deadline: 1/03/2023 - 15/07/2023

#videobnb2023 #buddynotbully2023 #JCIBANDARKLANG #majlisbeliadaerahklang #和平源自於一笑 #PeaceBeginWithaSmile

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